Building a better future – Nestle's CEO on leading the world's largest food and beverage business towards a healthier world.

In 2017, Mark Schneider left a leading role in healthcare to become CEO of Nestle, the world’s largest food company with over 150 year old history in providing nutritional products to markets around the globe. In this episode, Mark joins Hamish Douglass to discuss new strategic directions for the company as it takes on a leading role in global health and wellness. (Listening time: 44 mins)


Global Equities Strategy Update

Hamish Douglass, MFG Asset Management’s Chairman and CIO, reflects on a remarkable 12 months since the pandemic shook global markets, he discusses portfolio performance over recent months and his view on the current state of the market including the recent volatility and trending investor exuberance. (Viewing time: 29 mins) 


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